Bloody Eye is the current leader of the vampires who are fighting against the main characters. Despite being the leader of an army of pure-blood vampires, she was actually born human and later turned into a vampire.

Human Life Edit

Bloody Eye was born human. Her human name is unknown. She was the only child of a wealthy family and she got sick during teenagehood. This sickness was deadly and death would take her special features away. Before her sickness appeared, she became close friends of Hydra Scarlet and, once her sickness kicked in, she pleaded Hydra to turn her into a vampire, Hydra decided to fulfil this wish of Bloody Eye's and turned her into a vampire.

Transformation Edit

For reasons unknown, Bloody Eye's transformation from human into a vampire was incomplete. As a result of this incompleteness, Bloody Eye's hair is half black (her former hair colour) and red (the hair colour of a human-born vampire) and the same goes to her eyes. Also due to her incomplete transformation, Hydra started calling her by "defective goods".

Vampire Life Edit

Bloody Eye is a very strong vampire, stronger than most pure-blood vampires, likely even stronger than Hydra.

It's likely due to this strength and her mass-killing of pure-blood vampires that lead to her nickname of "Bloody Eye" and what made many pure-blood vampires to join her side, likely in fear that she would kill them otherwise.

At the time of the plot, Bloody Eye's body falling apart because her human body is too weak to carry so much strength for so long time.

She claims she ordered Aldila, Kardinal and Vesper to get Isaac di Maria so she could use his never-dying body, however later, Kardinal realizes that Bloody Eye's goal is actually to get Bloody Mary's body for her own use instead.